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From South Portland, ME — 07/14/2007

My short stay at Fairchild Semiconductor was one of the best places I've ever worked. I'd still be there if they hadn't decided to send over 1/2 of IT to Singapore.

The work was demanding, but fun, and close to the bleeding edge of technology. The people were crazy, but a fun crazy! They all wanted to get the job done, right the first time, and were a blast to work with/for.

The company location wasn't the best, if you wanted to live near Boston, but Portland, ME is a nice place to live too, if you don't mind the snow, which is a LOT more than Boston gets.

Considering working for Fairchild Semiconductor in South Portland, ME? GO FOR IT! Even though they sent jobs over to Singapore, many of the people I worked with/for remain and if you have a chance to work with people like that, TAKE IT!
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