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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Norwalk, Ct — 05/21/2008

Pay: FactSet employs many recent college grads, so the starting pay is very competitive with any other entry level job. they promote from within and are generous with bonuses (2x year). I do think the starting salaries could be higher.

Respect: Pretty good, you dont want to step on anybodys toes - you won't be held in high regard. if you work hard and bring good ideas to the table, you'll earn your spot here. there are some people who have been here too long and think they run the place, when they really aren't very senior at all.

Benefts: Great. I pay nothing for medical. We get free lunch too. Always a whole kichen full of snacks, drinks, fruit, coffee, etc.

Job Security: Good. Company is growing very rapidly and has been for the last umpteen years.

Work/Life: I've never had a problem. You do have to work hard and put in hours if you want to get promoted, but I've never had an issue if i need to leave for an appointment.

Career growth: promote from within, most people are promoted w/in 2 years

Location: lots of cities in the US

Work environment: fun. lots of smart young people here. the offices are state of the art, they put a lot into keeping employees happy. it can be a little incestual at times...everyone starts out here young, so there are countless numbers of factset couples and a few factset weddings every year. everyone parties together.
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