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From Fenton, MO. — 05/09/2009

This company has been on a downhill slide ever since the new resident of the corner office took over. The vibe he gives off to the employees is that, "I don't want to be here. I would much rather be on my boat at the island and could give a sh*t about this place." It almost feels as if the goons making all the big shot calls are setting the place up for failure. What was once a GREAT company to work for, is now just another place you don't really want to go to. When I first started, I really looked forward to going to work. They made you feel appreciated. Like if it wasn't for what you were doing, the company never would have been able to make it. Now, if you get any kind of praise, you better record it so you can keep playing it back to yourself, because it more than likely will not happen anytime soon again.

I guess it must be pretty hard to understand what it is like to work, when you have had the silver spoon in your mouth from day one. When Harry was incharge, he knew almost every employee by name and would make small talk if he would see you in the hall. Now since the playboy is in charge, if you get a wave or even a nod for that matter you better consider yourself privledged. Hell if you even see the new president, you better have a camera handy, because it will be like finding Big Foot.

The family atmosphere that Fabick was once known for, is a thing of the past. If you don't wear your hair slicked back, kiss ass, or are a cronie of the new power, don't plan on getting anywhere.

Harry PLEASE come back before your son drives this place even farther into the ground.
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