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From New York, NY — 07/23/2010

Too many times FEGS WeCARE fires people after their probation for BOGUS reasons- they would never admit this, but falsify information and the true reason they fire people is for being to "chummy" with people they don't like. Upper management is HORRIBLE in every WeCARE department. They should all wear diapers, really. And they seem nice but underneath they are REALLY deceitful and dishonest (except for a few wonderful people). the latest criticism is that casenotes aren't "pretty" in the system. And the one person that has worked at FEGS for forever, and is the quietest, sweetest, most efficient worker ever has been labeled by her supervisor "difficult to work with". NO supervisor- YOU are difficult to work with, and I know at least 20 people personally that would agree with that.
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