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From Houston, TX — 02/24/2010

Most of the reviews I read below sound like they are from disgruntled employees who had a bad day.

I have worked at 3 other companies and am nearing 50. From my perspective:
1. The company hires cream-of-the-crop college grads. They don't want many experienced hires with other points of view, they want to train young minds that the Exxon way (forget the Mobil part) is the only way.
2. There are rules, procedures, and processes for everything. That is the strength of the company as a whole, they don't let the weak ones fail and mistakes are caught before they go too far. Conversely, they hold back the entrepreneurial spirit in some.
3. Very hierarchial management - everything goes up through your boss, over to the other guys boss, and down to the guy you want to talk to. Bad for getting things done, good that you have a filter when someone is coming after you.
4. Overall, good (not great) place to work. Better than a service company, but "big brother" is alive and well.

If you want freedom and like to take risks, this isn't the company for you. If you can tolerate control and check your ego and individualism at the door, lots of opportunities exist. And yes, you MUST be an engineer or geologist to get anywhere.
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