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From Houston, TX — 02/05/2010

ExxonMobil hires strong candidates from strong universities so employees are very qualified and competent. The company is full of bright people. There is a very structured ranking program that ocurrs annually. High performers are rapidly rotated to new assignments which frequently include raises and promotions. Top performers are paid very well. Middle performers are paid above industry average and the rest are paid at or below industry average. ExxonMobil is continually trying to "realize efficienies" which means do more work with fewer people. Almost every position at ExxonMobil requires more work than one person can do, so prioritizing is vital to your success. You must accept the idea that you will never have time to finish certain tasks. The good news is you will be rotated to a new assignment eventually so someone else will inherit your work! This is a conservative company. Wear white dress shirts and black slacks. Some groups still wear suits. Leave your spiked hair and pink Lacoste shirts at home!
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