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From Bloomington, MN — 04/29/2010

Pay - The pay actually isn't too bad. A new PCA can make base wage of $12.30 plus the potential to make an additional .50 to $2.00 an hour depending on their stats. ASC members start at a base wage of $15.30 with the same opportunities to make and additional .50 to $2.00 an hour depending on their stats as well.

Respect - I think this all depends on who you ask. I would say on a coworker basis the respect level is just fine. There are those people that freely talk trash about others behind their backs but I think you get that every where you go. As far as the member/employee level of respect I have to say that it's one of the lowest I have ever seen. I honestly didn't know that people could be so disrespectful on so many levels. I would say for the most part its heavily on the callers part but I know that some coworkers have mouths on them as well.

Benefits - Considering the fact that I see hundreds of different insurance plans on a daily basis believe me when I say our benefits aren't that bad. Granted they could be better but on the same token they could be far far worse. Copays are moderate and coverage is pretty decent. Then again I don't need a lot of coverage so maybe I'll have to revise my answer in the future.

Job Security - Our whole call center is on full panic mode right now. Express Scripts has closed down two call centers in the last year and didn't give much of a warning. Each time they close the center down they have what they like to call "Town Hall" meetings and it's never good news. They announced we're having a town hall meeting and promise everyone that the Bloomington call center is safe but we've heard those promised before and you can just ask our Farmington Hills and Albuquerque sites how well that turned out. Our major contract is being moved to other sites because it's "Cheaper" due to the contract terms. I understand that it makes good business sense but doesn't do well for job security or morale. But then again we have the whole paranoid job loss thing every so often any way.

Work/Life Balance - The thought of actually having a balance makes me laugh. Their idea of Work/Life Balance is that you have all work and you can use what little time you have left over towards your life. They tell you that they are always there to work with you but they pull things that are just unacceptable. When you're in training you can only miss one day. I know someone who had a death in the family and needed two days off during training. She was told Sure, you can go to the funeral but you won't have a job when you come back. They also hold the occasional mandatory shift bids. Based on several different factors your given a bid number so you could get a pretty good shift or you could end up getting something that just doesn't work for you. Maybe you need certain hours due to school, child care, another job or whatever but it doesn't matter. Either you work around their needs or you can find another job. They don't care. You're replaceable and they make sure you know that.

Career Potential/Growth - I don't find this a big of an issue as some others do. I have been with Express Scripts several years and have gotten promoted a few times. I do think it has something to do with who you know and how well you play their "Stat" games. They say it's about quality but honestly it's about quantity. Pumping out the calls improves the stats. The better your stats the higher your pay and they weigh it heavily when applying for positions. And I do mean HEAVILY. There are several people that are far better suited for positions when it comes to longevity and knowledge but lost out simply because the numbers weren't there.

Location - We're pretty centrally located. Right next to the highway which makes it nice for those that commute long distances. We have people that drive 40-50 miles to get to work. Not to mention those that drive in from Wisconsin to work here.

Co-worker Competence - There are employees that have been there for years that have gone though the old style of training and have learned the ropes through trial and error. These people I would trust to take care of my needs in a heartbeat. But the new hires? If I were to say that the newer (within the last 3.5 years) training program was a worthless piece of crap it would be a HUGE understatement! The old training program taught you everything there was to know about insurance and PBM functions. When you left training you could tell the patients the what, why, when, where, how of anything they needed to know and explain it in great detail. The new training, so called "Self-Learning" styled training, basically goes like tell the member that the cost is higher due to an ancillary fee. But they don't explain to them what an ancillary fee is, why the member is being charged the fee or how to avoid it in the future and so on. They can give you the classic cookie cutter answer but only because the screen told them to. Anything further than that and you get blank stares. But then again the company doesn't value long term employees and what they bring to the table. You can and will be replaced before your desk is packed. And believe me when I tell you the group of supervisors swoop in like vultures when the pink slip goes out. By the time security is walking you out of the building someone will be handing you your box of belongings.

Work Environment - It's actually not too bad to be honest. The corporate building next door is really nice. Huge cafeteria, exercise room, nice auditorium, comfortable aesthetics and so on. The call center is your typical cube farm but we have a nice little cafe, a relaxation room, gaming room complete with a flat screen and wii, 24 hour cleaning service that does an awesome job picking up after some serious slobs. All & all not a bad place to work.
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