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From St. Louis (Earth City), Missouri — 02/20/2010

Seems like there's a lot of negative reviews here, and I hear a lot of the same things at work...from new hires who want to sit around and do nothing and get paid.

I'm working at the pharmacy in earth city, which will only remain open for a couple of months longer until we all move into a new building by HQ and HQ2 in St. Louis. Because of the new facility and mass hirings, things are a bit frantic and we are seeing a lot of new faces, and loosing about half of them. I thought I'd share my thoughts and the things I have heard from people deciding that ESI is not for them:

*The jobs hired at this facility are not cushy pharmacy tech jobs where employees can slack and do nothing for half their day (like some slower retail pharmacies). Because of this, expect a more factory atmosphere where you are on your feet for most of the day and should be working hard. That said, the work is fast paced enough that before you know it it's time for your next break. If you take your breaks throughout the day (as you should) you will be working for about 2-2.5 hours at a time, which is child's play.

*The job involves a basic level of responsibility, quality, and speed. Balancing these three things means you will be working while at work (amazing, isn't it?). Doing crappy work will mean you will not be with us long, treat the order you are filling as if it were for your loved ones, and realize that it is for someone's loved ones.

*If your supervisor is not fulfilling their duties, and you feel mistreated, continue up the chain of command for conflict resolution. If your supervisor is "bad" you will find someone to resolve your issue at some point (whether that resolution is your reassignment, the supervisor being reprimanded, or merely a note going in a file, all resolutions are a process towards fixing your situation).

*If you don't like the pay and benefits you agreed to, then find another job.

*ESI like any other company these days, is an at will employer. If they don't have a use for you because a business deal went down badly for them, they shouldn't be held responsible to hire you. You can also quit at any point for the same reasons. If you were forced to sign a non-compete clause, talk to the person who tried to hire you and their legal department to work something out. Worst case take it to court yourself and argue it before a judge, depending on your local laws you will most likely be freed from that contract.

*I enjoy working for this company, would recommend it to anyone willing to put in 40 hours and be held directly responsible for their actions. I would welcome working with people with a good ethic.
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