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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Orlando, FL — 05/06/2009

Hmm. what to say. I took this job because every place in Orlando was going under and cutting employees like crazy. The money is good enough and there's potential for bonus plus overtime is easy to get (nice!)At least people will always need their meds, so this seems safe. UNTIL you get hired, then you learn about all the coaching and writeups and termination worthy offenses. They TALK pro-active, but ACT reactive. Panic sets in for no apparent reason at the strangest times. The benefits are good, great insurance and I'm happy with that. Career growth? have to go to church with upper mgmt to get anywhere (and you know who you are). The location is good, easy to get to from my house and it's clean and as comfortable as they can make it for a herd of veal (kept from outside light, outside influence and facing one direction). Nice caf' just opened. a little pricey and mayo-heavy, but good place to get away from the microwaved food eating crowd. As for work/life balance; heavily preached, but impossible to achieve since when you get home, you cut off the phone after having been on one all day and collapse into bed..not much balance. It IS exhausting. All in all, it pays the bills and as long as you keep to their impossible stats (like I do) you will have a job..Oh wait!! Make sure NOT to use the allotted PTO they give if there's no time left in the 'bucket' or you'll get a point..POINTS??? the all time dreaded point system. It's awful...if they hired the right people with the right character they wouldnt have to worry about chastising us with POINTS... But if you need a job and want to be herded like a veal at a place that is actually ok to work at IF you understand what they want of you, then join us. (where's my referral money for bringing in new employees? oh...there is none :(
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