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From tempe, arizona — 07/26/2007

I worked at ESI for almost 4 yrs. The only way to move up is by being a corporare kiss a**. I had supervisors not know my job yet be the first to critique me on it. On the front end (customer service) we would get yelled at (from customers)for all the pharmacy screw ups. There would be meetings (information overload) weekly then emails shot out daily on how everything in meeting that was explained has now changed. (Oh and be sure to check your emails inbetween calls, but then get crap for being in after call!!) All sups came and went, fired, quit..guess they learned the kissing a** wasn't worth it. No respect for people that stayed long and did ther job no matter how challenging it is to stay that long. Perks were a ice cream, or!!.Computer sytems constantly would go out, which was always fun when a customer was yelling. Benefits..couldn't complain. Now that I'm gone I feel so free and happy, i get paid more and deal with less corporate bs. Esi was like a never ending hamster wheel in hell.
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