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3.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Los Angeles — 10/02/2009

Pay- not much but what is expected from retail?
Respect- Lots of respect from managers and other associates. Often it is like everyone on on the same level as we work as a team
Benefits- Not much other than associate discount, but supposedly good if you become fulltime
Job security- never feel in danger of losing job. job isnt hard, so its not difficult not to meet expectation. If you are always tardy or just completely negligent, then it is obvious if you get terminated.
Work Life/Balance- very flexible when accomodating another job or school
Career potential/growth- you start as an associate, but you can be promoted to fashion expert rather quickly, and then the next steps are sales lead then co-manager
Location- many locations in malls thruout America
Co-worker competence- i like my co-workers and we work well as a team. Like i said before it not a hard job, so its not hard for everyone to be decent at what they do at Express.
Work environment- clean stores in malls. better than working in an eatery or boring office.
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