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4.2Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Beachwood, Ohio — 07/20/2009

Pay: Not bad for a student or someone who is just looking for a part time job. It's retail, what do you expect?
Respect: To be honest, this is one of the more respectful jobs I have ever had. My bosses are great and nearly everyone is positive and great to work with.
Benefits: Besides the discount, theres not that much to speak of unless your management. but once again, it's retail!
Job security: I've never felt that my job was at stake.
Work/life: Asking for that occasional day off when my life gets in the way has never been a problem for me. The bosses are always very helpful.
Career potential: if you are enthusiastic and talented there's definitely room for growth. I've seen it happen.
Location: They are in malls all over
co workers: There's been a few people that make me wonder, but there's also been a lot intelligent and interesting people too. It's not all airheads.
Work environment: positive, energetic, not too bad overall
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