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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Athens, Georgia — 10/10/2008

Pay: Eh. I started out at a little above minimum wage. Employees are eligible for merit raises once a year. There were different levels of merit raises. As a college student I really only needed to work to pay for my clothes. My parents were very generous so I was not really depending on this job for food. I think it would be next to impossible to be a full time associate and have ends met at such a low hourly wage. I left Express after I graduated to work for a dept store chain. The dept store pays a ton more than Express.

Respect: You have to give respect to get respect. And you have to do your job. Some people complained about not getting respect. Why should the manager respect someone when they are obviously sorry and lazy? The managers know who their good associates are. They would be fools to not respect them.

Benefits: Nada. Only full timers get them.

Job Security: It's relative. You have to do your job. Credit is huge and so are sales, but it's retail. If you meet expectations you have nothing to worry about.

Work/Life balance: Close to zero-but i didn't mind. You can have a life if you are ok with only working 8 hours a week. If you want more then you have to prove yourself.

Career Potential/Growth: Very little. I have a feeling like there's a glass ceiling if you try to go above store manager status. They don't offer much outside of the stores.

Location: You work in the store you want.

Co-Worker Competence: Same as in most jobs. You can't make people care. Just like everywhere else, some people are just in the job for the wrong reasons. People bitch about retail all the time. It's retail you idiots!!! It's not a cushy desk job!

Work Environment: I loved it. It was a college town and all of us were friends. It was a cohesive environment and there was actually teamwork-something I have yet to see in my post-college job.

All in all it was the best experience ever. I learned a ton at that job. I worked there for three years and wouldn't trade it for anything. I graduated with a Fashion Merchandising degree and my time at Express gave me an edge over 95% of my peers. I know how to do floor-sets and I understand the world of retail. I worked my way from an associate to a sales lead and I did it with blood, sweat, and tears.

If you work for any Limited Brands store for a length of time you can get ANY job you want in retail. They are hardcore but they train you to be some of the best workers in the industry. I now work for a department store and my interview was EASY. I owe it all to my time at Express and my manager there.
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