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From Eastern US — 01/25/2008

1).Basically, every criteria that this job is evaluated on is based on how many credit cards you can get customers to open up. It is not a lie, your hours are predicated on how many credit cards you get. It only gets worse. The store managers PURPOSELY hire too many people. This only constricts hours and bolsters competition--to maximize the total amount of credit cards. Oh, by the way, when they hire you, they WILL NOT TELL YOU ANY OF THIS. I would say this job is comparable to being a car salesman--you should know what you're getting into.

2). Pay was decent. Make sure you put down on the application how much you want, especially if you have retail or SALES experience. If you're a rookie, expect minimum wage (also a cue that you're only temporary if that's what they give you but u wanted more).

3) Management. The store manager and few other managers were ok. The rest of management consisted of a handful of giddy 19 year old girls who consistently made mistakes and were downright obnoxious. They will talk your ear off about how they need to make a sales goal or credit goal for a certain segment. All you can do is nod and pretend that you're genuinely interested in what they have to say.

4).Job growth: only if you have a vagina or are gay. Or sell alot. Or get credit cards. Pick your poison.

Work enviornment: most shifts are 4-5 hours, but I've worked i think a 7 or 8 hour shift. You're on your feet the whole time pacing the store. It gets mind-numbingly boring after a few hours--and the music--oh god. You will have the music stuck in your head for days. Also you are powerless to do anything about shoplifters. It's really pathetic. People stole left and right from our store. Nope. We can't accuse anyone! might scare away the "good customers"

Location: I heard a few rare instances where people get bounced around from store to store, but for the most part, you pick where you work

Work/Life Balance: what bothers me is that the store management socializes with the store employees outside of work. Uh, any professional would know that it's a bad idea. This bolsters favoritism and in-store "cliques".

My advice is to not work here....there are better places
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