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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Bellevue, WA — 03/18/2007

Pay: I have worked at Expedia for 3+ years. Pay - below average. They blather on a lot about how 'competative' they are - but they are a low-ball company. I'm sure the old-line cronie in-crowd is doing ok. But if you're new - don't expect much. If they have a chance to low-ball you, they will. Respect: Not bad. There is a little arrogance there among the developer crowd - but not nearly as bad as Microsoft. For the most part people there are nice, professional, and easy going. Benefits: Very below average for a company that size. The coverage itself is fine - but they make you pay thru the nose for it. Paying $200/mo for full coverage on a family of 4 (remember their pay aleady is below average) and then paying co-pays on all office visits and prescriptions really adds up - prolly ~$300/mo in the end. Job Security: Overall its good. If you're half way good at what you do, and you are 'nice' and professional - they will keep you. However, if you are bad at what you do, don't get your work done (lazy), or you are labled a 'bad person' - they will fire you. Work/Life balance: Excellent! If you're looking for 9-5 Expedia is the place for you! It is the most family-friendly place I've ever worked for. You can even leave and work from home for part of the day if you're kids get sick or there are family schedule snafu's. Very nice! (Compared to Microsoft - which is an utterly family un-friendly place.) Career potential/growth: It depends. They have been hiring most of their upper mgmt in from the outside - so working up from within is limited. There is also a lot of in-crowds and crony-ism there. On the plus side - if you want to remain an IC-level person (no direct report) and just be a professional and become more 'senior' they will help you out. Location: Bellevue. Fine. Easy access to the office park and free parking. Co-worker competance: Very hit and miss. They have had a lot of turn over in the last 2 years with key engineers from the old guard leaving to places like zillow. And the people who are left: some are good, some are not so good. The 9-5 mentality has hurt them in a twisted sort of way. No one seems willing to do the hard work now. Its all about work/life balance! Work Environment: Not bad. Still the traditional have-your-own-office mentality they had at MSFT. In fact working at Expedia is like stepping backward in time to MSFT circa 1998! I'm doing all of the same stuff at Expedia now that I was doing at MSFT back then. Amazing!!
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