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From Birminhgam, AL — 05/27/2010

Enterprise is a very difficult place to work. It's kind of like boot camp for the real world. If you survive, you become a superstar leader if not, you become a mediocre employee. I worked for Enterprise in my early 20's and its a good job if you do not have a family to try and balance work and home. The cons are long hours, irritated customers, and quite a bit of labor work in suits and heels. The pros are excellent training, excellent leadership developed skills, potential to move up fast and getting to drive a free car with free gas. But take note, MANY companies out there love and respect Enterprise for the training they give their employees and recruit the Managers on a regular basis. I have been offered numerous jobs since I left Enterprise. I have never had to look for work so far, it has found me. And when I say "I was a manager at Enterprise" is almost instant they want to hire me. I am now a Vice President at a Financial Institution and Enterprise Rent A Car is the company that helped me get to this point in my life. Its all about sacrifice to have what you really want the most. Think about it. Only the strongest survive and all weak links are eliminated intentionally. Enterpise weeds through to find the leaders and them offers them to others Fortune 500 companies as they reach certain levels of their lives such as having children, etc.
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