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From INDIANA — 04/22/2010

I think that all of the people on here complaining about working for Enterprise are a little dramatic. First of all, for the job that you are doing, the pay rate isn't that bad. Its not like its a hard job. Like anything, yes you have to put in the time. I workk an average of about 50-55 hours a week. I am not even 25 years old and making the kind of money that I am. I am very proud of the work that I do and very proud to work for Enterprise.
If you think you can make more somewhere else, go somewhere else. If you think you work too many hours, take your lazy asses to work for somewhere else. Sure there are better jobs out there, where you dont have to work, and you can sit on your butt all day and make six figures plus. If you want one of them, you should have worked harder in college and got a different degree. This is business and in business you work for what you want.
Enterprise is a great company to work for. it is sad that so many people had such bad experiences working for them in one form or another. To people looking to work within this company, see for yourself what the oportuninty can do for you. And think about the fact that these people complaining no longer work there and that it may be them not the company. Not to mention it is a national business where there are different job levels and different managers and people.
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