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4.3Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Hopkinton, MA — 06/30/2008

From an intern's perspective EMC is great lets go over the points step by step.
50k equivalent for an intern, good.
Treated equally despite obvious lack of experience and skills by coworkers and management, good.
Benefits even as an intern I had sick days, discounts, 10% off my car insurance... good.
Job Security, due to the transient nature of my position I won't comment on this.
Work/Life balance, always had less than 40 hours of work to do per week, noticed engineers sitting around chatting a lot, then crunch times came and heard them complain a lot. Crunches are inevitable in customer oriented business. Get over it and enjoy relaxed times or get into another industry.
Growth, as typical of large companies showing a high degree of ability in combination with some business sense seemed to work for many people in furthering their careers here. Don't expect to be promoted just for doing what you're paid to do.
Location, eh bad location for me but probably good for anyone nearby it =p.
Co-worker competence was high,members within my group could assist me with any troubles I had. Also a high degree of complaining over trivial matters but thats another story..
Work Environment, friendly atmosphere, manager didnt hound me, great cafeteria and good facilities. Computer hardware was a bit outdated but acceptable.

Stop griping about being overworked and bad pay when chances are the reason you're getting paid less is because your skills don't even stack up against college grads. EMC has one of the highest average salary payouts so chances are if youre not getting paid well its your own fault. If there are portions of the day when you sit around doing nothing or chatting then chances are you're wasting time you could be using to do work. Sometimes it's just a matter of availability, it's how things go when you're working for the customer, if you don't want to deal with that whyd you join a company that caters to the customer?
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