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From Eastern Shore — 03/23/2010

One of the best jobs I've ever had. YES you work HARD, duh. I dont know why people keep complaining about this, grow up. I work for Jones, and yeah I got an office, big deal. I make 10% of my income from what was there already, the other 90% comes from getting my butt out the door and meeting people. Location has nothing to do with it, I could have the best location on earth and people will not just show up with their checkbook. You go out and find the business, your personality and hard work get the assests through the door. If you cant go out and find business you wont succeed period, if you dont make the repeat contacts you wont succeed. Dont let these people fool you into thinking they worked hard and went out everyday knocking on doors, they didnt. I'm a young guy 6 years out of college, I dont have wealthy friends or family to give me money, nor would I ask for it. You knock on 25 doors in a day which will take you 8 hours everyday, you will find clients. Jones gives you plenty of time to grow your business 5 years to get things in order is plenty if you cant figure it out by then your not going to. Edward Jones never lied to me, they told me I had to make 25 contacts a day, 125 week and that it would be hard. They were right but the first time a couple handed me a check for a bond purchase at their kitchen table I never looked back. Too many complainers not enough workers. Ohh and if I want a raise this year Ill just work a little harder, how many other jobs in the corporate world allow you to do that, maybe ill earn a trip somewhere also, oh and they let you choose where you wanna go out of about 30 places if you cant find one youve got problems.
The most successful FA's here all started from scratch truthfully most FAs who get an office dont make it because they stop prospecting.
I have no boss unless I stop working, then I would have to answer for why Im not making any money, but Im pretty sure thats any job.
Your pay is what you make it. Jones pays you a salary for almost a year and a half in the beginning. There are plenty of opportunities for bonuses too and thats just for doing a 100% of your job, which as I said before I'm sure most companies would like you too do as well.
You get the respect you give yourself, your clients will love you to the day you die if you do what is right for them, I got no's from most of my best clients the first 5 times. If someone is going to give you their life savings I expect to have to work a little for it.
Work for the company do the work and enjoy the rest of your life. Some of our most successful FA's have one more thing in common, they came from a military background, you know why because they dont take excuses in the military.
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