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From Rock Hill, SC — 01/25/2010

I can't believe all these negative comments on here. Edward Jones is a FANTASTIC place to work! I've been an FA with the firm since 2001. I spent 10 years "climbing the corporate ladder" in a former life only to have someone constantly looking over my shoulder and telling me that the 60 hour work weeks I was working (for a fixed salary of course) was not enough even though my results were above my peers. Here at Edward Jones, I build my business the way I see fit as long as my core values align with the values that Edward Jones has.

All of these comments on here like "unless you take over a big office it's not worth it" are ridiculous. My only question to those people is this - How do you think those offices got to be so big? Someone had to door knock. Someone had to put in the work and not get paid much in the beginning for it. Someone had to sweat and have the guts to stick it out!

Folks, this is a great job but I admit it's not for everyone. I have a B.S. degree. That's it. I don't have an advanced degree and I'm certainly not a scholar. I wasn't blessed with a lot of intelligence. I do, however, have a strong work ethic and a strong desire to succeed. This company allows me to do that. And by the way, I spend WAY more time with my wife and kids since I've been doing this. My time is mine. I set my hours. Sometimes they're long hours, but it's because I choose to do that - not because someone is telling me to do it. If you've got an entrepreneuial spirit about you and you understand that it takes time to build a business, this could be for you.
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