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From New York, NY — 10/25/2008

Here is my two cents regarding Jones.... For those people who say this is an awful company and these who say it is an awesome company I think both of you are not telling the whole story. Your experience at Jones will depend on the situation.

Take me for example. I was 21 years old, just out of college and opened up a Jones office in a very wealthy area outside New York City. The Jones "door knocking" model was impossible for me as it was against the law to solicit to homes, etc... I also had a difficult time because I was young, many of the residents in the neighborhood would not feel comfortable with such a young person managing their assets. Now that being said, my first year went rather well. I had to get creative, very creative but Jones at the time did not cater very well to high net worth investors. My best clients were "the average Joe's".

I worked my tail off. But in the area I was in the competition was fierce and being young (looking like I was 17) made it difficult to gather assets.

That being said. If you are our of college taking a job with Jones I would NOT take it. I would go with the larger firms who can offer better support by you teaming up with an older financial advisor.

If you are a mid career person I would consider it but you will starve your first few years.

What was deflating about the "formula" for success (25 contacts per day) was that I found that most of the successful reps in my area NEVER had to use it b/c they had the "connections" through friends or family members. t didn't work for me and yes I did it and by the book and worked nights and weekends.

Personally, I think working as a team at Paine Webber or the other houses gives you just as much freedom as Jones and you get better benefits.

When it comes down to it, no mater what broker you work for, if you are doing well and making money, they leave you alone, if you are struggling (including Jones), they will be on your back. And that's a fact
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