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From Birmingham, Alabama — 09/19/2010

You have to understand the setup at Edward Jones- you work in a two-person office with one Financial Advisor (the person who makes the money) and one Branch Office Administrator (the person who frees up the FA's time so they CAN make money). The company itself is fantastic- they are the only company I've ever worked for that treats their workers like people rather than numbered cogs. The compensation for BOAs is very competitive, and if you are paired with a successful FA the bonuses are great. And therein lies the trick to a good experience with Jones- you have to be paired with the right person. If you are it is the best job in the WORLD. You're working as a team for the immediate benefit of one another, and that's wonderful. That is the setup I am in, and that's why I'm so happy with my job. But I would imagine that if you are paired with someone with whom you do not mesh it could be a hellish job (you just can't get away from your single coworker!). An FA who is not willing to do the hard work it takes to be successful (and yes, it DOES take hard work), or who does not share your values regarding work vs family, or who just does not have a personality that works well with yours could make things pretty awful. So if you're thinking of going to work for Jones as a BOA, remember that you are interviewing the FA as much as they are interviewing you! And if you're thinking of going to work for Jones as an FA, remember that it will be hard work, but that the right BOA will make your life SO much easier.

So maybe I sound like I've drunk the Kool-Aid, but you know what? The Kool-Aid is pretty delicious, and the health benefits are outstanding.
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