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From Waterbury, CT — 12/17/2009

I saw an ad in the paper for customer service position, so I went in and applied....

Of course, since the economy sucks, I was one of 300 people applying for this role. However I did get a chance to talk to one of the managers and he was nice enough to let me have a holiday temp job of making deliveries.. Not quite customer service, but sure why not.

Pay isn't terrible @ $10 an hour. Hours aren't very stable, Today I got about 3, maybe i'll have 5 or 6 come monday. It'll do.

Respect is great. Everyone that already worked there was very polite and cool as hell. My main manager was very easy to talk to.

Job isn't very secure, im expecting this gig to end once the holidays are up... It's not all year that people order $50 fruit baskets, so it is what it is. Maybe i'll get picked up after the holidays, who knows.

Work life is amazing... seeing as i get barely any hours LOL.

Not much growth potential here... probably gotta stick around for a while and become trustworthy before anything like that happens.

Co workers are awesome. very helpful and very friendly people. Environment is great as well.

Doing deliveries is great work. I'll take driving around in a van and greeting people who are SO HAPPY to see me over being an office bitch any day. Infact, fuck office work. You don't have to stare at a clock all day when making deliveries.

I would imagine that every single location is different, but overall good company here.
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