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From Florida — 08/10/2010

Life is what you make it! Ecolab is no different! Ecolab is an Excellent company & great place to work if you are a very responsible person. You have to have a "run it like you own it mentality", be very organized, there is time to enjoy your life (free time) if you have/develop excellent time management skills. If you don't like
hard work or have an issue with this than don't work here. Work smart! Life is beautiful. Create your own reality. You don't have to change your job, just change how you think & feel about your job. If it's not for you, quit, don't waste your time. No whiners! No complaints! (it will become your reality) If you don't like your job quit or shut the "F" up! (Seems like we got a nation full of fat, lazy, obese losers that don't wan't to work anymore/lotto mentality/this nation was built by extremely hard working people, if you don't like it get off your fat butt & get an education & do something else!) Start your own company, this is America! (Holy Shi...) Use it as a means to get ahead. Be smart. Enjoy your break time when you are driving,
have nice cold beverage, listen to nice music, or motivational, learning, cd's, etc. Learn how to create enjoyable time when you are doing your job. The benefits & pay are very good (everything can be better) but
make peace with it or move to "AFRICA" or some other country than see how much you are really blessed. Again, life is what you make it, create cool vibes, don't give in to the dark side young jedi's! The Force Is With
You Always! Develop fun hobbies, life, family, friends, adventures, life is short, live it up or shut up..
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