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From Boston, MA — 07/15/2010

WOW!! did you hit the nail on the head!!!!! I worked for the "Service Solutions" end of ECOLAB for 5 whole months back in 2005 as a DSSM. After 2 months I was ready for a nervous breakdown!! I flat out Q U I T after 5 months. The only job I ever walked out on. What a bill of goods I was sold for the position. The phone would not stop ringing. IMHO, most, if not all of the problems were brought on internally by those that wanted you to fail. A work position / atmosphere created that was unworkable and doomed to failure. No money in the universe (50K + Comms) was worth working in that position. I felt as if I was attached to a ball & chain!!! In reality, it was a Cell phone with dishonesty at the other end.
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