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From Draper, Utah — 08/16/2010

I worked for eBay twice, a total of 9 years. The first few years were the best - you could only get an interview with 2 years of college behind you, the pay is awesome and the benefits are amazing! Back then it wasn't a call center - it was more of an email center- answering emails, Meg and Pierre visited often and gave us pep talks and lots of prizes and life was good. Then we got a new guy at the top and he had a new vision- call center vision. They started hiring anyone who had a pulse, and it went downhill from there. You can go anywhere you want in the company if you do your job really well and keep your mouth shut. There are ample opportunities to go in any direction - you just have to let your Supervisor know what you want and they help you get there. The management is stellar and gets evaluated from the employees anonymously atleast yearly, so if they are not performing they are shown the door. It is very competitive, and you have to really want to succeed to make it there, but you will be rewarded if you show dedication. Get to know your leaders, and be social. Don't grumble or stab people in the back - simple common sense. The work is monotonous though - and the bar has been raised significantly from when I started in the beginning. We used to have fun and play alot, but they took away most of the fun and replaced it with work. Upper management used to know everybody who worked there, but now it is just another call center and people on your team are probably the only ones who will know your name. Greed got to them though, and they did change the site and the work staff in such a way that there aren't many happy people or sellers anymore. They upped the fees and became nazi-like on the way the site is run. I used to sell all the time, but hardly do anymore because they own Paypal too, and if the buyer complains then they can just press a button and take the money out of your Paypal account to make the buyer happy. They don't care if you get your item back of it really wasn't your fault. There is too much micromanaging on the site, and yes they do have a program to watch people on their computers, but if you don't do stupid things then you don't have to worry do you? Great place to work overall and you seriously cannot beat the benefits anywhere except the government.
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