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From texas — 02/16/2010

I have worked for this company for several years now. They pay great but they do it to keep you because the hours suck. They stay open way more than they need to and you only get one day of for Christmas and Thanksgiving so you really cant do anything....This company doesnt care about your family all they care about is their money. You are expected to be there day in and day out no matter what. They could care less if you have a life. If your a single person with no kids then this is the job for you. If you have kids and have any hope of ever seeing them again then pass on this job. You are always pushed to gain control over something you will never have control over. Rain snow death in the family, they dont care, they expect you to get your customers in to pay no matter what. Since they wont allow us to go to the customers door with a gun this is a little difficult at times. The area managers always keep you wondering if your going to have your job the next day and they play you against the other employees. I would say the area managers are bigger back stabbers than your co-workers. And dont think that being a manager gives you the better hours cause thats not even close. Its 8 or 9 some nights when I get out of there. Home office has their heads so far up their butts they cant seem to do anything right either. Everyday its something new they screwed up. From what I have seen in my time here, you dont have to have a brain to work for this company!
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