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From tx — 08/04/2009

On the average this company offers a degree of repect to its fellow coworkers however, the pay is not worth the the hypocritical direction concerning customers paying off thier debt, when they willingly allow them to take out more than they can pay back with the irationaly high intrest rate. The potential for grouth is chalanged due to legislation tring to and hopefuly will suceed in puting a cap on those intrest rates. However the ones who run the show who are extreamly wealthy threatan to close shop and leave all those who made them wealthy in the first place, not to mention the customers themselves will have no were to go in thier finacial crisis. Granted for some employees the transition to another job will seem efortless, while others will strugal in finding a new one. This along with co-workers that they higher who really dont seem to be dedcated to the job at hand, the turnover at this location is like clockwork. The work environment is stressful, due to the money hungey superiors who only look at the bootom dolor but negelct there "core values" in helping the customer in hard finacial times.
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