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From Houston, TX — 07/10/2009

I had worked in the IT department at CEVA before my position was eliminated in April. I was there for 4+ years before my position was outsourced. You will find that the true people that keep this company truly running and know what they're doing are the individual contributors and a few select people from Mgmt, which the majority are now gone. Upper Mgmt (both the previous and current regimes) need a clarity of vision - and I am using kind words here. There were ups and downs prior to the merger, but now there is definitely a continued downward trend post-merger. CEVA is not headed in the right direction.

Pay has been steady. We have received merit increases the past 2 years (though not always guaranteed we will get one). However, bonus pay is always inconsistent, and when it does pay it is always less than the expected amount. Benefits were decent.

Promotion is extremely rare to non-existent at any level from what I observed. Even remaining in the same position (keeping the same title) but being promoted to the next paygrade scale I don't believe was ever done to anyone (unheard of if you ask anyone). Therefore, career potential/growth: -5

Probably the few positive aspects about this place were co-workers got along pretty well, at least in the IT department; we had always worked together to resolve issues, especially in crisis situations. The IT Mgrs were also respectable and not uptight. This allowed for a good work environment.

Job Security: Layoffs, outsourcing, company do you think I would rate this?

If you are considering a job with CEVA in their IT department, think twice: I believe their overall goal is to have the ENTIRE IT organization outsourced offshore within the next couple of years.

With all mergers I understand there will always be re-orgs before you can realize your ROI, but with CEVA they will take more than a few steps back to take that first step forward, and it will be quite some time before they get their ROI from the EGL acquisition. It is because the leaders at top have the wrong strategic vision and have let go of the core people that know how to run this company. Either the vision changes, or the leadership changes, or this company continues to spiral downwards.

Regardless, it is no longer my concern...
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