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From Modest, CA — 07/09/2009

The pay is very good for a part timer like me. My department though does not get a lot of respect from other employees. We are often seen as unnecessary, and we are often treated poorly by them. I have no benefits as a part timer, but this is standard practice for all companies. Job security is ok, we aren't likely to get laid off. But our supervisors seem very eager to write us up, but get upset when we leave on our own. The work/life balance is good as a part timer, go figure. There is potential to promote, but no part timers do, we have other plans. Location is set in one of the most dangerous parts of Modesto, there are several shooting every year within a mile of our property. That being said, the company does very little to insure our safety. They aren't breaking any labor laws, but if an extra measure to protect it's employees will cost them money, or may look bad, they will not do it. Co-worker competence varies. The part timers know what they are doing, some of the full timers do, and maybe two of the supervisors. Other than that, everyone else just doesn't have a clue. I've always wanted supervisors that I could look up to, but really there is only one that I can. The others fail to convey a professional presence in the workplace. The work environment is more dangerous for us that many realize. As I have already stated, Gallo will not take extra security measures if it costs money, or "looks bad" for the company.
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