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From Jax, FL — 07/25/2010

Now obviously your expierence depends on your GM and co-workers. I work for a franchise dominos as a shift runner. I personally love my GM. He's fair and treats everyone with respect. Now the drivers are whiny idiots and some of the CSR's are lazy as shit. I do more than the asst mgr and usually end up working more hours than him for a couple bucks less. But I'm ok with that, ultimatley I would like to be a GM but we'll see. Its best to rank up as fast as possible so you get more towords making food and away from dealing with customers haha. I've worked at a few stores in the same franchise, that's how I gor a good understanding of what a horrible manager is. This can definatley alter peoples opinions of dominos as a company. I always return to my home store because of my GM. Overall, its a good company. Of course some improvements could be made, but for being a pizza place its relativley nice.
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