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From VA — 03/15/2010

I've been working at Dominos for about 2 years now, first job, and consider it an altogether good experience. They pay is crap, hours are short, but that's the price you pay for having such a simple job. Scheduling is typically very easy to manipulate, even on short notice. It's pretty easy to move up in the ranks to assistant manager by getting a food handler's card, and with that comes a small pay raise.

The hours aren't great, I typically work 5pm - 9:30/10:00pm, sometimes later on weekends. The only thing I actually dislike about Dominos would be the upper management. Both GMs are very competent and friendly, however there is a degree of favoritism, which the managers don't even try to deny. The GM's do a good job, however, so it doesn't bother me too much. The owner of the store, however, isn't a good manager at all. He's a nice guy, but he refuses to let anything slide. In fact, I recently got chewed out by him for not arriving to my shift early. I arrived at the store at 4:59, fully dressed, apron on and on the makeline at 5:00pm, when I was scheduled, and he yelled at me, telling me that I needed to be 5 minutes early to every shift.

If he wants me to be early, maybe he should pay me a little better. $8 an hour for two years of work isn't enough as an assistant manager.
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