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From Valparaiso, FL — 02/25/2010

I started a year ago during spring break. first job. satisfied with the hours, extremely impressed with the quality of work. our GM is a nice guy who knows what he's doing, he often has me running around with him hanging free pizza coupons on doors out in town. located right outside of the gate of a military base and i spend every afternoon waving a sign. customers are generally nice (active duty Air Force personnell) and i enjoy all of my co workers. i learn about business by observing the GM, and our assistant managers. i'm proud of this job and i look forward to spending maybe another couple years here as an assistant manager. my only complaint is the hours i get off. i look forward to a cigarette when i get off because of the temporary high stress from this job, but end up getting off really late and not spending time with family, on the plus side, i get PAID MORE when i WORK LONGER, so not totally bad. also get bonuses for helping the GM with boosting income by "advertising".
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