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From West Valley City, Utah — 05/19/2009

I can only opine as a delivery driver but..

Pay.. hmm the company pays minimum wage, the rest is given from customers, fair enough since it kinda depends on how good you area at your job..

Respect is earned among colleagues but was given from management from day one

Benefits are available, but this is my part time job so I get health care from my other employer.. the occasional free food is nothing to shake a stick at

My store is busy enough and has high enough turn over each semester to provide decent job security to anyone seeking to stay long term, I have been at my store for a year and there are 5 drivers that have been there longer, and 5 that are newer than me

The work/life balance is good, never had a request for a day off declined, I've had to call in with less than 3 hours and its never been a problem, although I would not recommend making a habit of it..

You can take your career at Dominos as far as you want, I have seen people start as 'insiders' only to join the managements team at another store in a matter of months.

Location is ok, I wouldn't choose the same place but my store has been open for almost 20 years a lot can change

My co-workers are all good folks.. there is a learning curve f

I have read other reviews stating drivers are forced to go to areas where they don't feel safe,
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