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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From lawrenceville ga — 12/02/2008

ill leave the pay as zero simply because i recommend this job if you have a new car,i have a mitsubishi eclipse 99 and i couldnt keep up with it,maintaining the car and tires and other stuff has to be paid but it didnt pay enough for all of thati was a delivery driver,this was my second job.

respect: not all stores are the same im really aware of that but the store manager at mine was super a really respectfull person i admire,she was smart quick but a little too perfectionist but overall a great manager,she should be a store manager for a bigger company.

i wasnt long enough with them to judge benefits im aware they are limited

work/life balance: they were really flexible with my schedule,not by choice,i had another job at walgreens but believe me i liked this job more than walgreens

potential growth: there was this jerk that worked there as soon as i got there he got promoted so i guess even a jerk can make it into store mangaer(theres good managers and bad managers he is ok but hes a big jerk,crude sense of humor)

location: pretty self explanatory,good zone:good easy money,bad zone:your car might get robbed.

work eviroment:friendly hardworking mood around pretty nice to be honest

now in stating facts of where i used to work,im also aware not all stores and areas are the same but if you want to work for them around this area i recommend you to get a part time there if gas prices accord to your liking.
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