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From High Ridge, MO — 11/08/2008

Working at Domino's is my first job, and I only took it because it was the first one to call me. I am a CSR, a non-driving insider who is pretty much responsable for everything a manager and/or drive cant/wont do.

Pay is minimum, but after working there for six months, i was able to negotiate a ten cent raise. It still isn't very good.

Respect varries. Usually if you are kind and sweet to the customers, they return the favor. Dealing with drunks over the phone happens at least once a week. Respect from co-workers is earned through a mix of kindness and intimidation, all though I am frequently a scapgoat for my junior assistant manager. From others, except the rare haughty driver, I have, as I bust my butt to make sure that they do everything right.

Benifits? What Benefits? You'll get the occasional free pizza, an employee discount for pizza/soda/bread, but nothing else unless you make managment.

I'm very secure in my job, as they are desperate to keep their people. My JAM fired someone who deserved it, but my GM rehired him as soon as he heard it. I am the senior CSR, and have been told repeatedly that they would be lost if/when I left.

Work/Life is very easy, except for the fact you have no clue how long your shifts will be, friday and saturdays are a no-go unless youre schedualled off early, but days requested off, except for the fourth of july/halloween, are usually given.

Career potential is all right, but only if you entend working major overtime as a manager.

Location is all right, execpt for a few crappy roads, its about three miles from my house.

It is the exception, not the rule, that a co-worker is compentent.

The Enviroment is hetic, with freqent cursing, crude jokes, and except for the occasional carry-out, no customers in person. Music is often loud, dancing common, singing often, laughter everywhere. Except for the horrible pay, the demeaning boss, and the idiots that surround me, I love the antics and family enviroment. I would want to work there forever.

A bit hypocritical. But true.
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