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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Chesapeake VA — 09/01/2008

Pay- i know some of the drivers at my store get well twelve an hour, thats because my GM manages shifts correctly and doesn't over hire, thats where most of the drivers problems come. As far as an AM(assistant manager) i got 9.25 starting out, and as soon as i finish book 2 and 3 i'll make ten an hour with as much overtime as i want.
Respect- another thing that falls under GM, MCO's, or Franchise's. if there are employee's that are disrespectful towards one another than there is no reason for them to work there, if your GM is a push over then the team member/s will not stop.
Benefits.- this is the only company i have ever seen that offers benefits the day you start working part-time or full-time, granted they aren't the best in the world unless your GM or above but it's something for emergencies and it's more than what a lot of companies can say right now.
Job Security- Well don't something stupid, keep your sales and numbers right, and follow the rules and your golden.
Work/life balance.-Your store should have a request off sheet at least a week in advance, if your GM doesn't post it in time than thats his/her fault. if you just don't put down you want some time off then don't complain. we all do what we have to do to survive. don't complain about making money.
Career Potential- it is there all day long for those who show themselves worthy and competent enough to handle the position. if you don't go the extra mile and just do the bare minimum of course you won't be offered a promotion. Jobs like these are for those who are willing to work towards something. i started out as a driver and got offered an AM's position, from here i can move all the way up to owning my own store.
Co-Worker Competence- well it takes all kinds of people to make the world the way it is.
Work Environment- I make it fun everyday, yeah you get A-Hole customers here there but for the most part it's real relaxed and chill, we even have pepperoni fights in the store sometimes when there's nothing to do.
Location-sometimes they suck but the GM should find limited delivery areas through police reports, that way the drivers stay safe.
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