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3.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Houma, La — 07/20/2008

Pay- Woman cannot live off of minimum wage alone, even if I do get pretty good tips, since now-a-days, most of that goes in my tank.

Respect- My co-workers show me respect, along with my managers, but customers are HORRIBLE. Look, I'm sorry your pizza didn't get there in 30 minutes, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU GET IT FREE! And don't complain to me, because I don't care. You start talking and all I hear is the teacher's voice from Charlie Brown.

Benefits- That's a joke. Our GM gets a rolex and you give a $25 gift card? Give me a break. I mean, I'm not knockin' our GM. He deserves everything he gets, but heck, we helped!

Job Security- I feel good about my job security. In my almost 3 years, I've seen two people get fired. One took a swing at our GM, and one called in sick by texting his cousin who worked there. That one was actually pretty funny.

Work/Life Balance- Once I started working full time, I lost all my friends outside of Domino's. All of our hangout nights were on Friday and Saturday, so of course I had to work. Now, though, my co-workers are my best friends. We chill in the back when we aren't busy, and we hang outside of work. Just the other night 9 of us when see the Batman movie. Awesome.

Career Potential/Growth- There are good advancement options if you want to work at Domino's the rest of your life, but that's not on my itenerary, so I say Nay.

Co-worker Competence- Except for a couple of nuts and a tattle-tell, everyone is pretty adept.

Work Environment- The only reason I didn't give this a 5 is because, while I usually have fun at work, there are those days when it all goes to crap... when I have to stay over an hour late becuase we are so busy... cuz people don't know how to friggin cook, and the whole town calls at once... ALL NIGHT. Sorry, I just had one of those days.

Look, I like my job for the most part, but between sweating from being outside most of the day, getting cramps in my butt from sitting, not to mention gas prices, I had to go for this column. I dislike the job, but I love the people. I recently put in my two weeks, and I'm getting a new job. I'm not going to miss working at Domino's, but I made some great friends, got to meet alot of "interesting" people, and I got over my fear of talking to people I don't know. All in all, good as a temporary job, but I'm not cut out to be a manager.

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