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From GA — 07/13/2008

I don't believe I can agree with a majority of these comments that I see posted up. I've invested 4 years as a team member of Domino's Pizza working my way up to the position of General Manager. I agree that not all Domino's Stores operate efficiently, but inquiring individuals should not take advice from others that are only posting negative reviews about the job, simply because of their bad experiences. The store is only going to operate as good as the MANAGEMENT allows and WANTS it to! Of course wear and tear is going to placed apon your vehicle, but that should be understood before taking the job position! Most franchise if not all franchisee owned stores do not offer benefits, but I believe corporate owned stores do- These questions can be answered simply.

1. The pay is going to be minimum wage. - work your way up, plus the job is ideal for Highschoolers and college students!

2. Respect is earned not given!

3. None- educate yourself on corporate policies, i'm not fimiliar with them since I'm part of a franchise.

4. If youre a competent individual, then youre job is pretty much secured.

5. The hours are flexible so your manager can work around any activities that you may be/want to be a part of - though you will probably work most weekends unless you ask for a certain date/dates off in advance.

6. There is potential for growth according to how much time you invest, which is the same philosphy for anything you do in life - I became a team member in November, 2004 I am now the General manager of our local Domino's Pizza here in my hometown.

7. Teach!

8. Mold it!
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