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Job Security3
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From Houston, Tx — 09/09/2010

Pay- I was promised a raise that wasn't available. I see this happen at so many companies so it wasn't too surprising. With enough fussing at my MCO i talked them out of another $1 per hour. (to be seen)

Respect- Upon a change in MCOs I have been treated with nothing but respect by upper management.

Benefits- I currently do not participate in the healthcare plan that Dominos offers. But i hear if you actually complete the Blueprint for Wellness physical they ask of you, the insurance is bearable.

Job Security- This is a tricky one. Depending on what market you work in, and whether it is a corporate or franchise, if you do your job, you keep it. If you don't do your job, you lose it. From what I've seen though, if you are an assistant manager, doing your job, you are golden. That step to GM really puts your head on the chopping block and a few bad months under your name could mean the end of your job. Good luck getting that vacation time and bonus for your last month you worked too.

Work/Life Balance- As with any job that you work in management, work/life balance is what you make it. I have seen many GM's working open to close 7 days a week because of lack of help. But if they would just train their people right instead of crying all the time their life would be better. This job is about efficiency, if you train your employees right, you should have no problem balancing work and life.

Career Potential/Growth - I started working here 1 yr ago, and i'm knocking on the door of my own store in just a few months. There is plenty of room to grow. However, the reason there is room to grow is because GM's are constantly quitting due to pressure, or getting fired because of bad numbers. You have to stay ontop of your game. From what I've seen, its time consuming, but very achievable to reach MCO status.

Location- We are everywhere. My store is 10 minutes from my house and its not even the closest one...or 2 for that matter.

Co-Worker Competence- If you are a CSR or Driver, you really don't have control over this, but if you are an AM or GM complaining about how retarded your employees are, re-train them.

Work Environment- Its a fast-paced commercialized pizza shop. It gets hot, greasy, and down right unbearable sometimes, but thats just what comes with the job. You can't NOT expect that.

All in all, Dominos has come a long way since the early 2000's. I feel a bit of a tone-down on the OER's would make the job here much more enjoyable. I hate working in fear that any day the inspector could come and and slam me for putting the date on the wrong day sticker. This company also employees many people for very menial, evasive tasks. For those in markets that use the new tip credit system, you know what i'm talking about. The person that calls your store everyday to find out why so-and-so took this long on a delivery, or how they got back so fast. I feel this is a good place for young people to work and get some management experience. It never looks bad on a resume.
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