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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Howell, Michigan — 08/30/2009

Ive only been working at the dollar tree about a month and im already quiting. not beacuse it was a horribal place though.
PAY: The pay was kinda crappy, just min. wage as expected from a dollar tree. I was in desperate need for a job so i didnt care much when i got it since it took for months to find one beacuse of michigans economy.

RESPECT: The managers have a lot of respect for me. They give you a checklist everyday and they "x" what they want you to do ( like Sort go backs, damages, U-Boat, ect..) i did everything within 3 hours that was checked and the manager said "wow you did more in 3 hours then (wont say names) did her entire shift". she gave me more to do and i did it all. at the end of my shift i got the first actually meaningful thank you from a manager that actually ment it. so if you do your work they will respect you.

BENEFITS: Im not sure if there is any.... if there is i was never informed.

Job: security, when i put in my 2 weeks notice they said are you working everyday for the 2 weeks and i said yea, if i missed a day they said i would be let go early. im sure they could replace anyone anytime.

Work/life balance: it feels like im hardly at work. anyone whos not a manager gets around 10-15 hours a week. im pretty much so behind on bills its not funny. when i told them im leaving they bumped up my hours to

Career Growth: they said if i wanted more hours they would put me in manager training ( this was after i accepted a job who talked to be about being a key holder at dollar general)

Location: right on grand river. pretty easy to see. about a 30 min drive for me beacuse i live in the middle of nowhere.

Co-Worker competence: All my co-workers were pretty nice people. noone really complains about the job to much, maybe just for the hours. everyone calls of constantley. we have a calander in the office where people write what days they want off and its completley full. at bob evans we were allowed 3 days off in 6 months. i wouldnt dare writing on that calander!

Work enviroment: Messy, i constanty wanted to organize things, so i did. things are piled everywhere and your surrounded by junk at the register.

pretty much if a good 2nd job to have, or if your just looking for some extra money. i would say its a good student job but you need to be 18 to work there. overall its a nice place and i felt bad for quiting but i had to do whats good for me.
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