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From Huntsville, TX — 11/18/2008

I know that others have put some bad stuff about Dollar Tree up here. But, I think is a good job. You start out at minimum wage (it is a dollar store after all), but you do get a 6 month raise. The management and coworkers show great respect, if you show respect to them. I have done things without asking, and my manager thinks that it was good choice. Most companies do not offer benefits to employees on a part-time basis. But Dollar Tree provides benefits to part-time employees that have been there at least 4 months. As long as you don't steal, are not rude to the customers, and are not rude to the managers, then you have nothing to worry about (as it is in most companies). You don't bring your work home with's a dollar store; how could you? There is room for career growth, as long as you follow the Associate's Handbook. I live close to mine, so location is not an issue. There is a Dollar Tree pretty much anywhere. The work environment is great. The people are nice, and are willing to be team players. Dollar Tree is a great part-time job!
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