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From Anaheim, CA — 01/31/2010

Hm, this was my third job, and I have to say this place wasn't so bad. Pay was good, respect was somewhat alright, but only if the managers and leads liked you. They were very selective of me. Benefits were awesome, job security is a plus, and if you don't have family or friends and don't celebrate holidays, work/life balance is perfectly fine, unless you're like me and was either at school or work. Missed my boyfriend's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and day, New Year's Eve, etc. Career potential is good. You can definitely grow if you are close with the managers and are on their good side. Too bad they can't judge by your work ethic like they should be doing. Location was way too far from me, but I did it because of the College Program, which was a bunch of bull but looked great on your resume and transcript. Co-worker competence is the high-light of this review. WHY are there people who think they are better than you? What is their problem? Because I'm Asian and you're White doesn't make a difference. Just because you're friends with the White girl doesn't force you to hate me either people. The White Demon as I would like to call it. She would gather followers and they would give me a hard time at work. Soon they spread rumors about how I tried to make this one guy break up with his gf. Honestly, I was dating someone back then and THAT WAS MY BOYFRIEND. What is WRONG with these people? They're a bunch of high school kids that let Disney become their life! Anyways, I got tired of trying to fix things and decided to leave that hell hole. Work environment weren't even that great, if you talk about the "break areas". They're located RIGHT NEXT TO THE DUMPSTERS AND SEWERS.

Only thing I remember was me and Pluto (with the head taken off) sharing a cigarette by the dumpster during our break. We were both so miserable that we smoked our sorrows away.

Make sure you keep in touch with your good co-workers. Some turn out to be the best of friends, and some just for references on your resume.
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