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Job Security2
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Anaheim, CA — 11/20/2009

I did the College Program 2008 at Disneyland and it was the best time of my life! I've always strived toward a high-paying career track in the government (which I now have), but even being a dirt poor bottom-feeder was excellent because I had the time of my life. Everyday was better and better; you make a lot of friends there, network, and have so many opportunities that are not only beneficial to your career development, but also to your personal growth.

Pay: $10/hr. Better than some! Unfortunately almost all of it went into housing rent ($800/mo), which is currently mandatory arrangements in CA.

Respect: You don't get any unless you really put yourself out there and reach for it; you have ot make a name for yourself in your housing complex as well as in you workplace! I also think it depends on how many people you work with (I only had a team of about 40)

Benefits: Free park passes and free bus pass.

Job security: don't be late.

Work/Life balance: Fine for me! I worked with friends, went to the parks nearly every day, went shopping, to the movies, concerts, weekend roadtrips to ALL over the place; the apartments were actually very fun (even though there are a ton or rules) because everyone was always visiting each other.

Career potential/growth: this is an excellent job to list on your resume. I get asked about it all the time, so if you are planning on using it to boost your chances with another company it will work for sure! Growth within's possible, but you need to go waaaay out of your way to advance and also need seniority and networking skills It's more like a friendship circle than a council.

Location: I have lived in 9 cities around the world and SoCal is honest to god the best place I've ever lived. It's amazing.

Co-worker competence: most of my coworkers were potheads, but they knew their training to the T. Very professional around guests and knew how to work the system.

Work environment: very image-oriented. I learned a lot about guest services, and the company culture was amazingly accomodating, encouraging, and had a strong culture. It was a very feel-good company, and your workplace reflected that whether you wanted it to or not.
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