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From Burbank, CA — 10/31/2009

I think much of the negative comments regarding Disney are from "on-stage" cast members. Working as a salaried, full-time employee, many of my co-workers' gripes are fairly common among any other job. Everybody can't be happy...but looking at what the company's a pretty good place to work...if you are salaried. The wide swath of layoffs had everybody on pins and needles, but the reality is that almost every company out there is that's really not Disney, but a result of the economy. Here are the positives (for salaried employees): good pay, great benefits, decent 401K match, the only company I know of that offers a pension to "white-collar" employees, great job if you have kids - you can get your fill of the theme parks and merchandise discounts, great name brand of the resume, I would say most of my co-workers are very bright, and generous a educational reimbursement. The negatives: communication among management down to the staff levels is disjointed, it seems that people get promoted not for skill but rather time a result, people managing really shouldn't be managing in the first place, and you are expected to work yourself to the bone.
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