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From Tempe, Az — 05/06/2009

I worked at the Disney Store for a total of three months I first applied just as a second job to fill some time and gain some financial security. The pay was all right minimum wage but I expect it might of gone up if I had stayed. I often felt alienated from my coworkers and superiors with the exception of one or two friendly cast members. I was not aware of any benefits if any. I did not feel like my job was ever threatened until the month before I put in my two weeks. The reason I quit was because business slowed down and because they do call in scheduling every night when I called in they would say thank you for calling enjoy your day off which for a little while I didn't mind but after 3 weeks you would think they could afford to give me a couple hours. Also having a call in schedule meant I had to keep all my days open regardless of whether I was going to work or not and was keeping me from my other job. Before business slowed down I felt that I was doing a great job and thought I might grow with this company. The location was decent while it was in the mall it got quite a bit of business. My coworkers were very focused but often formed clicks like in highschool and because its mostly girls not a day went by without some form of gossip. When I applied for this job I was warned it would be hard work and they weren't kidding I forgot to mention I was a frieght person and I went home everyday sore. I didn't mind to much I like hard work I like to feel like I accomplished something at the end of the night. With two jobs though it was sometimes a bit much especially since I was the smallest one on the frieght team I was always straining to carry my wieght. This was a good experience for me in general when I put my 2 weeks in I thought my manager was understanding but when I went back to ask for a job again she told me that she did everything she could to keep me and that I still abandoned the job and that she didn't want me back that was a extremely upsetting experience made me feel like it was my fault that I didn't work hard enough or care enough to stay. I will never go back to the Disney Store but I hope that others will have better luck.
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