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From Lake Buena Vista, FL — 09/08/2008

I did a college program for Walt Disney World working in quick service food and beverage. The pay was dismal for the job but I hear that it gets OK if you are a full timer and gain seniority. I didn't know much about benefits except that they aren't offered to seasonal cast members but I assume they are alright if you're full time because Disney World has a union. The fringe benefits for all cast members are great if you love Disney. You get in free to the parks, half off on the water parks and various other things, cast discounts on dining and merchandise, and best of all free admissions for family and friends (i had six days with 3 admissions each, but the higher you are, the more you get). It is relatively easy to keep your job if you do it properly because of the points system before reprimands. I've heard that it is very hard to terminate full timers without a good reason. The hours vary from location but I had a good location for hours. Some full timers have to work up to 60 hours a week during peak season. It is difficult to get time off without knowing in advance, especially if your location doesn't have a lot of people who can cover for you. You most likely will have to work holidays and if you're a college program, Disney is basically your life when you're in Florida. Because there are so many people, it is hard to get noticed but if you're a good worker and go above and beyond, getting guest compliments and exceeding expectations, it is easier to work your way up the corporate ladder. Disney also has internships that can lead to full time work. Some of the coworkers were 'special' and hard to work around in busier times, and don't seem like they fit in in such a high volume restaurant. Some had trouble speaking English. There were plenty of fun, well educated people to balance it out. The managers at my location really seemed to care about the cast, taking time to listen to their concerns and help them out. We also had special parties and cast appreciation for our location and the park.
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