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From Orlando, FL — 02/19/2008

I put in 18.5 years at Disney. A real shocker considering I started during my second year of college in 1982 working at magic kingdom selling balloons making $3.85/hour and qualifying for food stamps (no joke).

But I was on a college work-co-op program and getting great education at Disney University (one day a week) by vice presidents from every dept. Now, I know that college program has changed...and the "jobs" still suck, but can lieterally do anything at that one company that a small city can do (if not more). The opportunities for growth and education (externally and internally) are HUGE. This is not a company that waits for you to make your way, seek opportunities and make contacts on days off and you will succeed. Because of working for that company, I left with a 4 year degree (3 years paid by them)...they sent me to Paris and Geneva for 1.5 years. I worked on projects way above my pay scale and educational level because they believe in promoting from within and allowing you to have "successful failures".
I got to try very diverse jobs of 19 years: Attractions, Marketing, Mergers & Acquistions, children education programs, Professional development, DIsney University, Public Relations, Mickey Mouse Club, Disney Institute, and Disney timeshare....where else can you have fun, make great friends, and get a resume like that...would I have liked to make more money? Sure. But my last year at Disney I raked in $127,000 ($68,000 salary and the rest in sales bonus's). It may not the best company out there...but I had the time of my life. I left 7 years ago.

Get off you butt, knock on some cubicle walls, office doors and make your own way...many of the top Disney execs started where you are working RIGHT NOW! Good luck. JP
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