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From Alvin, TX — 06/29/2010

I have been with Dish Network for 4 years all together. I'm so tired if hearing all of these winers talking bad about a place that pays our bills. I have had a lot of issues personaly the past couple of years and I feel they have been very supportive and have made feel like I'm worth keeping. These Coaches that have been termed deserved it. They were worthless and didn't mind the paycheck but didn't want to work for it. I'm not saying I love everything about my job everyday of the year but that is the way it is at all companies. Stop bitching and complaining and do your freakin job or move on. Stop blaming the company for your failure and deal with your action. Its very easy to blame someone else when you're not able to take responsibility for yourself. With the way the economy is right now, you are working for a company that has done more than most to keep from having to lay off. I feel very lucky to have this job and I will never come on here to talk bad about the people who pay me and have made sure we have a place to go when there are a lot of people who would kill to have a job like this. Stop crying and suck it up and do your job and maybe you will see that its you and not Dish!
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