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From Alvin, Tx — 06/21/2010

Dish Network is not such a bad place. I have worked for MUCH worse places. I don't know a lot of companies that don't hold you accountable for goals, at least not ones that are still in business. I accepted the position for how much I get paid. I really hate whiners that complain about how much they make or howw much someone else makes. They put food on my table for me and my children, why would you not respect that.
Sure there are things that could be better, but unless you are working for the church and your boss walks on water, it's not going to be perfect.
Am I going to retire after working for Dish Network for 5 years? No. But if you know where I can please tell me. That is why I play the lotto, to retire early. I have seen my 401 grow and my employee stock purchase plan become a nice little saving over the last few years.
Food on the table, roof over my head, and my retirement plan getting bigger. Yes I will be working for many years to come, maybe with DISH, maybe not. But I do not expect to find that job that will allow me to NOT to meet company goals, come to work whenever I want, and retire a millionaire after 6 months. If you know a web site that is hiring for that job, please let me know.
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